Company Profile

At SDI we have the ability to source ANY PRODUCT to ANY LOCATION and in ANY QUANTITY.  For the past 25 years we have created a network of relationships that has allowed us to choose to only work with the best engineers, designers, and factories in order to provide our clients with the best quality, shipping processes, prices, and on-time deliveries.  Many of our clients find that even though they would like a much healthier bottom-line that they are not willing to give up quality as that is not fair to their customers;  therefore, we find that many of our clients are refreshed to learn that SDI is able to reproduce the EXACT QUALITY that they desire and in most cases improve the product while still being able to LOWER PRODUCTION COSTS.  The greatest ease and opportunity that we offer our clients is allowing them to be able to still have the same confidence and trust in their products while DECREASING PRODUCTION COSTS.